CMC Education Foundation Awards Nearly $23,000 In Great Idea Grants to Local Educators

For the sixth year the Foundation has offered CMCSS educators the opportunity to compete for funds that benefit their classrooms and special projects in a non-traditional way. This year’s award amounts doubled from what was given to schools last year.

Education Foundation president, Brian Taylor notes that the increase in funds awarded was largely in part, because of the success of recent donations to the Foundation from events such as; the Vision to Reality Banquet, Foundation Annual Campaign and the Surplus Furniture Fundraiser held with the donations received from Hemlock furniture. Foundation Executive Director, Candy Johnson believes that these additional funds given to teachers could have only happened through the increased support of individuals in the community. “Each year we continue to offer more opportunities for our students and teachers in CMCSS because our donors witness first-hand how their support is making an impact in the lives of students.” We are very fortunate that more people are taking interest in our work and offering ways to support our efforts.

This year, 24 educators out of nearly 50 applicants were awarded up to $1,000 each to implement their Great Idea. Awards received were based on a competitive rubric and its potential impact in the classroom. Surprise presentations were made at each school by Foundation Board member, Charles Keene, Rebecca Dyer, Foundation Assistant and Candy Johnson for the following types of projects; Fitness labs and exercise equipment, middle school robotics programs, special education enrichment and intervention, literacy initiatives, iPADS, professional development, high school academy initiatives, Chrome books, art projects, library improvements, behavioral incentives, school store implementation and much more!

For other teachers who applied and were not awarded a grant, the Foundation is giving them a second chance to receive funds through a new pilot program of the Foundation called the Virtual Teacher Warehouse Store powered by Class Wallet. For more details in helping to support these unfunded projects please visit: Some projects are still being loaded; so check back frequently.

Here are our grant recipients for 2015: 

Norman Smith Elementary School

Jessica Curtis “Motivating Students;Increasing Academic and Behavioral Expectations”

Clarksville High School

Beth Frerking “The Game of Research”

Richview Middle School

James Young “Using iPad Media Technology to Enhance Student Learning”

Michelle Main “Cowboy Café”

Sango Elementary School

Amy O’Neill & Kate Holcomb “Chromebooks for Kids”

Lucinda Spencer & Anne Head “RTI iPad Implementation”

Kathy Melton “iPads and Kindergarteners”

Rossview High School

Paige Eisemann & Valerie Meadows “RHS Library School of Rock Challenge”

Rossview Middle School

Roxanne Morris “Hawkbotics”

St. B Elementary School

Elizabeth French “iPad in the Artroom”

Byrns Darden Elementary School

Ray Szczepaniak, Tyler Buis & Chaz Glick “Raising the Salad Bar Graph at Byrns Darden”

Northwest High School

Charles Bruce & Matthew Spinella “Northwest High School Store”

Kelly Parker & Kayla Estep “Student Fitness Room”

West Creek Elementary School

Brock Wilee & Chris Negron “Throwing Unit Revamp”

Barkers Mill Elementary School

Lindsay Boyd & Ken Markus “Fitness Unit/Station Expansion”

Pisgah Elementary School

Ben Griffy “Fitness Lab”

Northeast Elementary School

Laura Weiganandt ” Math-Lessons That Count!”

Leslie Helmig “Station Fit Trail”

Northeast Middle  School

Polly Kopp & Whitney Joyner “NEMS Robotics Expansion Program” and “NEMS National History Day Program Expansion”

See photos below:

Proxy Shoppers for CMCSS Teachers

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation would like to announce an exciting opportunity for CMCSS teachers regarding shopping opportunities at the Teacher Warehouse (a program of the CMC Education Foundation).

Since July 2014, the Teacher Warehouse free-supply store had 525 individual teachers shop at the Warehouse and 627 total appointments made (several shopped more than once). With the warehouse re-opening for the spring this Saturday, January 10th, the Foundation is implementing a new initiative to allow for more flexibility of teacher shoppers. Last semester an idea was brought to the Foundation by the Director of Schools, Dr. Worthington for the purpose of encouraging more CMCSS teachers to utilize the free resources for their classrooms.

The Foundation did some brain storming to see how proxy shopping may work and as a result, teachers may now send another CMCSS school employee; such as a bookkeeper, office staff or Parent Ambassador to shop for them at the warehouse. The proxy must be someone connected with that school and not a family member of a teacher, etc.

Teachers will still need to make the appointment under their user name at:

In addition the following applies for this new initiative:

  • Teachers must sign up for an appointment at the above link.
  • Teachers should complete and sign the back of a shopper checkout sheet. The proxy shopper must bring this with them at that appointment time to ensure they are selecting the correct items.
  • Once the appointment is set and the sheet is completed the teacher would need to notify Rebecca Dyer, that they are sending a proxy shopper.
  • The proxy shopper would come to the Teacher Warehouse to shop for the items on the teacher’s list at that appointment time.
  • Each teacher will have 30 points per shopping trip and be able to use 2 shopping trips per semester.Please visit the following link to learn more about the Teacher Warehouse program, watch an instructional video and share with your school staff: 

Store Opening Dates for 2nd Semester 2015(subject to cancellation due to inclement weather):

January 10, 13, 27 and 31st

February 3, 7, 17 and 21st

March 3, 24, 28 and 31st

Tuesday hours are 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Saturday hours are 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.