Each year, the CMC Education Foundation awards Great Idea Grants for up to $1,200, and Big Idea Grants for up to $2,500 to schools, teachers, and specific programs within the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System to offer resources beyond what district funds will provide; bringing great ideas into fruition.

Grant applications are accepted for three grant cycles each year and are reviewed by the Foundation Board at regularly scheduled Board meetings during the following months:

• June 6, 2024 (deadline for submission – May 25, 2024)
• October 3, 2024 (deadline for submission – September 23, 2024)
• February 6, 2025 (deadline for submission – January 20, 2025).

All grants are reviewed and assessed by the Foundation, and the final applicants selected are presented and approved or denied by the Foundation Board of Directors. Please allow 2 weeks past the approval date for notification on if your grant was approved.
Applications that are not approved are still eligible for approval in the next quarter. Any applications not approved by the Board within six (6) months of submission will no longer be eligible. All applicants are encouraged to apply again.
The CMC Education Foundation awards grants and any decision regarding the grants is at the Board’s discretion. This is to include any changes or alterations to the original grant application once awarded. In the instance a teacher changes schools (within the Clarksville Montgomery County School System) after being awarded a grant, the Board will decide if the individual grant recipient can take item(s) to their new school or if the item(s) purchased with the grant dollars is to remain at the recipient’s original school.

**PLEASE NOTE: Grants will not be awarded for individual sponsorships, travel expenses, airfare, transportation of any kind, conference fees, or hotel expenses. Any grants submitted for technology-related items will be reviewed by the CMCSS technology department prior to Board consideration. Any project in excess of $2,500 will not be considered unless ALL additional funding past $2,500 has been secured and the proof is submitted with the application. Grants concerning staff morale or school swag items will not be considered for these grants. Those must be submitted as part of the annual Morale Grant application in October.**