Founded in 1986 as a 501(C) 3 not-for-profit organization, the Foundation is a well-established organization created to secure and distribute contributions from individuals, corporations, and others in the community interested in supporting students and teachers beyond what tax dollars will provide. We have a 15-member board of directors and work in conjunction with the school system to better align our goals to have a successful school system focused on students.

The Foundation is not designed to pick up district needs that tax dollars would normally support (buildings, teaching positions, etc.), but to supplement and enhance meaningful programs and initiatives that contribute to student achievement or may not otherwise be funded. However; school budget constraints sometimes drive programs we decide to support such as programs like the STEM Initiative and the CMC Teachers’ Warehouse.

We have seven focused programs that are carried out each year in the areas of; student scholarships, teacher/school grants for innovation, STEMĀ and SPED education support, Academic Awards Recognition Program, teacher and staff excellence recognition, and Teacher Warehouse. Although we have these programs we continuously work with the local school system to evaluate programs and determine if other areas of support are needed.