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The Education Foundation takes pride in assisting the Clarksville-Montgomery County School district in preparing our students to be college and career ready individuals. We provide multiple opportunities for enrichment, academic recognition, scholarships, real-world simulations, motivational seminars, leadership development and limited social needs support. To learn about more programs impacting all students visit our Foundation programs page.
The following links are provided to assist students with scholarships and homework support tools:

Foundation Scholarships: Supporting Clarksville-Montgomery County students to be college and career ready! 13 deserving students from all eight high schools received nearly $8,000 collectively because of their academic and/or Career Technical Education achievements.  Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis each year!

Click here to Apply for Career and Technical Education Scholarship!

Other Scholarships: If you’re looking for scholarships outside of the Foundation, click the link below to explore more options!

Other Scholarships

Homework: Calculus causing you a headache?  Chemistry driving you crazy? Click the link below to get the help you need to ensure you get the grades you want this semester!

More Info: Want to know more about paying for college? Click the link below to check out the Dollars for College Financial Planning Toolkit from GradNation, which offers a detailed timeline for each grade level that students and parents can use to find resources to plan the most affordable higher education possible.

College Planning Tips for 9th-12th Grade Students

Homework Help!
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