Count Me In 2015-2016 (1)

Many communities spend time reacting when they are failing to make the grade in public education. Some communities with poor educational systems have realized that the lack of economic development could be in part the lack of skilled workforce they have created. The problem is that instead of planning for the future the business community realized this was hurting employers from moving to their communities so they REACTED and started pouring money into the local Education Foundation’s and schools to help improve their stature.

Let’s not react, because we must take full advantage of what the future holds in Clarksville-Montgomery County! Our district is doing a fantastic job with the limited resources we have, but we know we can always continue do better.

The Education foundation is a partner with the school system and we would like to extend the opportunity for your support in leaving a legacy in public education through our Count Me In Endowment Campaign!

Thank you so much for your support of Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools!!!

Endowment PowerPoint

Count Me In Donor Agreement



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